Children of Dune:

Children of Dune:

Monday, June 25, 2012

Who should pay for it. Should people be bothered.

We have to appreciate the effort of Rob Reich of Stanford, because he has collected the major misunderstandings of home schooling in one well written article.

There is a claim that not enough is known about the home schooled.  About a similar remark about some other groups, such as chess players, or school teachers, one might ask when is enough known?

Setting: A hotel in the Florida Keys during hurricane season.
Persona: Humphrey Bogart, burnt out war hero and hotel keeper.
              Ernest, well dressed professor, stranded by an impending hurricane.

Humphrey what you want is more?

Ernest       That's right.  ...Pause... That's what I want. More.

And it is reasonable for Ernest to want more.  Focused on topic in his line of work, it is admirable.  The only questions are: Who should pay for it, and should people be bothered.

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