Children of Dune:

Children of Dune:

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Rob Reich at Stanford has misconceptions.

Robert Reich at Stanford,( not the former labor secretary), put out a paper on the regulation of home schooling.  It was an interesting paper of it's type, covering by far the majority of the common errors.  Look at it.

It relies on points held by him as common notions which are not common notions in fact.  He should be commended for setting them out plainly.

We home school in the Ithaca,  New York area and so are interested in the topic.  And it is a concern that documents like this will be translated into policy where they can inconvenience or damage people with limited resources.

Assumptions of common ground where no common ground exists:
  1. That home education is “recent”.
  2. That homeschooling has gone mainstream in the United States.
  3. That there is a perceived problem with home education.
  4. That little is known about home education.
  5. That the cost of regulation is inconsiderable.
  6. That value pluralism is a good, or should be taught to children.
  7. That history is kind to people whose governments regulate education substantially.

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